Company presentation: ERA a.s.

era2011ERA a.s. is world leader in passive surveillance radar systems and supplier of next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions for the air traffic management, military, security and airport operations markets. ERA is able to produce its products in own production line as well as ship them and install on the site on the commercial base. ERA runs its own R&D programs on the innovations of existing Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) multilateration (in both – civil and military applications) and on Automated Depend Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B). ERA offers the unique Passive ESM (Electronic Support Measures) Tracker (PET) VERA-NG – ideal for advanced border protection in covert mode. ERA covers by internal resources future multiposition radar technologies: Passive Coherent Location (PCL) and Multistatic Primary Surveillance Radar (MSPSR).

ERA has 130 commercial, air traffic management and military customers in over 46 countries throughout Europe, the U.S., the Middle Eas, Africa, South America and Asia Pacific.



  • MSS by Era
  • Squid by Era
  • VERA-NG by ERA
  • Mastercare by ERA

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Průmyslová 387
530 03 Pardubice
Czech republic

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Milan Starý, Marketing Manager
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Phone: +420 467 004 253
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