Searidge Remote Surface Management System Selected for Tirana International Airport in Albania


System to enhance situational awareness and improve safety of movement and non-movement areas

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 5th, 2015. ATC Global Stand 6403. Searidge Technologies, provider of Remote Tower and airport surface optimization solutions to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports announced they have partnered with local agent Radio Frequency & Advance Engineering to offer their Remote Surface Management System to Tirana International Airport (TIA). The solution will enhance situational awareness and safety of the movement and non-movement areas at the airport.

The Searidge Remote Surface Management System will provide Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) at TIA with a live, seamless panoramic view of the main and north aprons, a runway and a taxiway. The system is expected to result in improved line of sight and safety of the monitored areas, in normal, low visibility and night operations.

“Our goal is to offer world-class service in the Albanian territory (FIR) using state of the art technology and systems,” says Sokol Reveli, Head of Operations, ALBCONTROL. “We selected Searidge because they offered undeniable experience and proven technology to meet our operational requirements, and jointly we are committed to optimizing the safety, capacity and overall efficiency of the Airport.”

Building on their ATC-grade technology platform, Searidge has fully customized the system to meet ALBCONTROL’s current and future operational requirements. The deployment of day/night visible and dual sensor pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras will provide TIA’s Controllers with constant, high frame rate video on a customized Human Machine Interface (HMI), displayed on the latest 4K technology. With the addition of runway and taxiway overlays, ATCOs will be provided with an enhanced level of situational awareness during low visibility conditions and night operations. The system will also use video archiving for incident review in order to provide the airport with an additional layer of safety. In its entirety, the system will enable ATCOs to have an accurate understanding of ground situations and improve the overall handling of traffic, leading to improvements in the operation, safety and performance of the airport.

“The technology platform we are providing to ALBCONTROL allows the airport and ANSP to expand the functionality of the system as their needs change, as the airport grows and as new challenges and technologies are uncovered,” says Alex Sauriol, Chief Technology Officer, Searidge Technologies. “We are deploying more and more applications of remote services and our customers are benefiting from our experience and unique approach to remote control and management of the surface.”

About Searidge Technologies
Searidge Technologies is a leading technology innovator providing Remote Tower and Surface Optimization services and solutions to airports and Air Navigation Service providers (ANSPs) worldwide. Our unique blend of experience in airport operations and Air Traffic Control (ATC) allows us to develop and integrate modern technology solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of airport surface operations.

Leveraging our deep understanding of the market, extensive integration experience, and market-leading intelligent video platforms uniquely positions us to solve our customers’ most pressing surface management challenges such as: remote services, apron management, traffic lighting control, and runway monitoring. Our solutions have been adopted by some of the most technology-advanced airports and ANSPs throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

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