ICAS Scope

The “International Cooperation on Airport ATM Systems” (ICAS) is a user group of Airport ATM service providers, represented by Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) being responsible for the implementation and the use of Airport ATM systems.

The scope of the ICAS group is to support the different stakeholders, Airports, ANSPs and other organizations in the planning, implementation and integration of current and future systems and procedures at an airport environment, covering all phases of the ground and air movement.

In doing so, the group also seeks dialogue with regulatory agencies (EASA, EUROCAE, ICAO etc.), research and development organizations (DLR, NLR, FAA, NASA etc.), and industry.

In the ICAS group Project and Product Managers, Engineers, Air Traffic and Apron Controllers meet to discuss Airport ATM issues, developments, products and regulatory requirements. The members exchange their experiences with different technologies, services, functions, procedures, regulations and infrastructural constraints.

The original intention of ICAS was to exchange experience on A-SMGCS and ICAS remains the largest pool of expertise on A-SMGCS operations in the world.

Considering ongoing developments, the ICAS group has widened its scope to airport ATM Systems in general, covering. i.e.:

  • ground surveillance, relevant and new sensor technologies etc.
  • remote/digital tower operations
  • drone detection and avoidance
  • arrival and departure management
  • digitalization projects
  • etc.

Currently representatives from 45 ANSPs, EUROCONTROL and Airport Authorities are ICAS members, covering 31 countries.

ICAS Objectives

The objectives of the ICAS group are:

  • Professional networking and global intercultural exchange
  • Exchange technical and operational issues, experiences and information, i.e., on:
    – Requirements
    – Evaluation reports
    – Quality measurement methodology
    – Safety regulations
    – Proposals for common procedures, practises and standards
    – Use of best practises for maintenance, system operation, personnel (resource) assignment and training
    – Experiences with the industry
  • Initiate bilateral or multilateral forms of cooperation on various Airport ATM related subjects.
  • Give feedback and recommendations to international legislation organizations e.g., EASA, ICAO, EUROCAE, Eurocontrol
  • to promote Airport Safety aspects of Airport ATM systems
  • dialog with other relevant organizations,
  • Provide information on a WEB site about the ICAS group activities.
  • Create information material that can inform Airports, ANSPs regulators, the industry etc. about the scope and goals of the group.

ICAS Meetings

Generally, three meetings are held per year, each meeting lasting two days. Depending on the agenda, one meeting might be exclusively for members of the ICAS group, while other meetings include external participation, e.g., industry.

The meetings offer in addition to the regular work time slots for presentations and discussions with the Industry, R&D Institutes etc.

Those time slots can be used to demonstrate new products and system enhancements, as well giving the members the opportunity to question the suppliers on system capabilities. Those opportunities should not be used as a “trade show”, rather than a possibility to get feedback from the members.

Due to time limitations only a limited number of industry representatives will be invited to each meeting. Representatives from R&D and academic institutes will be invited as guests by the chairman of the ICAS group as well.

In principle the meeting locations rotate among the members of the ICAS group. Additionally, it is welcomed by the group when industry partners act as host. If circumstances require, meetings are held online.

ICAS Publications

The group will provide information on a WEB site www.icas-group.org which informs about ICAS group activities etc. From this WEB site links to industry WEB sites could also be installed.

ICAS Terms of Reference

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ICAS Newsletter

The group issues a newsletter at irregular intervals including general information about group and member development, past and upcoming events. The newsletters also promote research and industry articles on latest A-SMGCS advances. You can access the newsletter >> archive.