ICAS Scope

The International Cooperation on Airport Surveillance (ICAS) is a group of Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and EUROCONTROL.

The scope of the ICAS group is to support Airports, ANSPs and other organisations in the implementation, integration and exploitation of Airport Surveillance Systems in an Airport environment, covering all phases of the ground movement.

The group also dialog with the Regulatory Authorities, Research and Development Institutes (R&D) and the industry.

Currently the focus is on all aspects of A-SMGCS and supporting systems. This is seen as the most promising approach to support a safe and efficient traffic at Airports.

In ICAS Project Managers, Engineers and Air Traffic and Apron Controllers meet and discuss A-SMGCS issues. The Members exchange experiences with different technologies, procedures and infrastructural constraints. This makes ICAS the biggest know-how pool of operating A-SMGCS worldwide.

Currently representatives from 45 ANSPs, EUROCONTROL and Airport Authorities are ICAS members, covering 31 countries.

Many more Organisations are expressing interest in the work of ICAS and it is believed, that the number of members will increase in the coming years. The next step for ICAS is to communicate its experiences with the authorities (EUROCONTROL, ICAO), organizations (IFATSEA etc.) and industry to help meet the users requirements in the system development and regulations.

ICAS Goals

The goals of the ICAS group are:

  • Exchange technical and operational issues, experiences and information, e.g.
  • Requirements
    – Evaluation reports
    – Quality measurement methodology
    – Safety regulations
    – Proposals for common procedures,
    practises and standards (e.g display, maintenance)
    – Maintenance: contracts, organisations (use of best practise)
    – Experiences with the industry
  • Supporting members in different aspects, e.g. Evaluation of tenders, Site Acceptance Tests
  • Initiate bilateral or multilateral forms of cooperation on various A-SMGCS related subjects.
  • Give feedback and recommendations to international legislation organisations e.g. ICAO, EUROCONTROL
  • Facilitate agreements regarding purchase and further development of A-SMGCS systems
  • Promote Airport Safety aspects of A-SMGCS
  • Dialog with other relevant organisations, e.g. International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations (IFATSEA)
  • Be aware of future developments

ICAS Meetings

The group meets three times per year throughout Europe.

The spring meetings are exclusively for members of the ICAS group.

The winter and summer meetings offer in addition to the regular work time slots for presentations and discussions with the Industry, R&D Institutes etc. Those time slots can be used to demonstrate new products and system enhancements, as well giving the members the opportunity to question the suppliers on system limitations. Those opportunities should not be used as a “trade show”, rather than a possibility to get feedback from the members.

Due to time limitations only a limited number of industry representatives will be invited to each meeting. Representatives from R&D and academic institutes will be invited as guests by the chairman of the ICAS group as well.

ICAS Publications

The group will provide information on a WEB site www.icas-group.org which informs about ICAS group activities etc. From this WEB site links to industry WEB sites could also be installed.

ICAS Newsletter

The group issues a quarterly newsletter including general information about group and member development, past and upcoming events. The newsletters also promote research and industry articles on latest A-SMGCS advances. You can access the newsletter archive >> here.