Welcome to ICAS

The “International Cooperation on Airport ATM Systems” (ICAS) is a user group of Airport ATM service providers, represented by Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) being responsible for the implementation and the use of Airport ATM systems.

The scope of the ICAS group is to support the different stakeholders, Airports, ANSPs and other organizations in the planning, implementation and integration of current and future systems and procedures at an airport environment, covering all phases of the ground and air movement.

In doing so, the group also seeks dialogue with regulatory agencies (EASA, EUROCAE, ICAO etc.), research and development organizations (DLR, NLR, FAA, NASA etc.), and industry.

In the ICAS group Project and Product Managers, Engineers, Air Traffic and Apron Controllers meet to discuss Airport ATM issues, developments, products and regulatory requirements. The members exchange their experiences with different technologies, services, functions, procedures, regulations and infrastructural constraints.

The original intention of ICAS was to exchange experience on A-SMGCS and ICAS remains the largest pool of expertise on A-SMGCS operations in the world.

Considering ongoing developments, the ICAS group has widened its scope to airport ATM Systems in general, covering. i.e.:

  • ground surveillance, relevant and new sensor technologies etc.
  • remote/digital tower operations
  • drone detection and avoidance
  • arrival and departure management
  • digitalization projects
  • etc.

Currently representatives from 45 ANSPs, EUROCONTROL and Airport Authorities are ICAS members, covering 31 countries.