Welcome to ICAS

The International Cooperation on Airport Surveillance (ICAS) is a group of Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and Eurocontrol.

The scope of the ICAS group is to support Airports, ANSPs and other organisations in the implementation, integration and exploitation of Airport Surveillance Systems in an Airport environment, covering all phases of the ground movement.

The group also dialog with the Regulatory Authorities, Research and Development Institutes (R&D) and the industry.

Currently the focus is on all aspects of A-SMGCS and supporting systems. This is seen as the most promising approach to support a safe and efficient traffic at Airports.

In ICAS Project Managers, Engineers and Air Traffic and Apron Controllers meet and discuss A-SMGCS issues. The Members exchange experiences with different technologies, procedures and infrastructural constraints. This makes ICAS the biggest know-how pool of operating A-SMGCS worldwide.

Currently representatives from 45 ANSPs, EUROCONTROL and Airport Authorities are ICAS members, covering 31 countries.