Saab to Provide Cooperative Air Traffic Surveillance Solution For Croatian Airspace

Saab has been contracted by CroControl Ltd. to provide surveillance of air traffic over Croatia through Saab’s Cooperative Surveillance System (CSS). CroControl Ltd provides air navigation services for Croatian air space.

October 27, 2023 – Saab will support flight operations across Croatia, bringing high-quality and high-value surveillance data into CroControl’s own air traffic systems. CSS conveys all the benefits of Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) technology, and Croatia will now have one of the biggest and most comprehensive WAM systems in the world.

“Saab’s CSS system for Croatia uses the latest version of our WAM technology along with the newest software and sensors, providing accurate and reliable detection of aircraft transponders from take-off to landing. The system can easily be expanded to provide seamless coverage through the incorporation of additional remote units without the need for more centralized hardware,” said Erik Smith, President and CEO of Saab in the U.S.

“Our objective is to enhance the existing surveillance system that is currently used to provide safe and efficient Air Traffic Control service in Croatia. We look forward to working closely with Saab and we’re confident that their CSS solution and ability to implement it in due time can help us meet those goals,” said Juraj Maštrović, CroControl’s Executive Director of Technical Services and Infrastructure.

Saab’s WAM solutions use multiple, low-maintenance, non-rotating sensors to calculate aircraft locations based on transponder signals. Saab’s solution provides air traffic controllers with precise aircraft position and identification information, regardless of weather conditions. With a higher update rate and greater positional accuracy than traditional radar, Saab’s multilateration provides effective surveillance for increased safety, capacity and efficiency of airspace.

Saab has been a market leader in air traffic surveillance and air traffic management solutions for more than two decades and serves a variety of aviation stakeholders. Customers include the world’s leading air navigation service providers, airlines, and airport operators. Products and services range from safety critical surveillance and automation systems to emergency response management and C-UAS solutions.

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