EMMA2: European Airport Movement Management by A-SMGCS, Part 2

This integrated project paves the way for harmonized A-SMGCS implementation in Europe and leads to a common A-SMGCS interoperable air-ground cooperation concept

Cologne – 23. March 2009 – Due to the recovered growth in air transport, airport capacity is expected to become the major bottleneck in the near future. The A-SMGCS project EMMA2, the consequent successor project of EMMA, aims to become the most significant R&D contribution to the Vision 2020 goals in its A-SMGCS subject in the 2006 to 2009 timeframe by maturing and validating the A-SMGCS concept as an integrated air-ground system, seamlessly embedded in the overall ATM system. In a two-phase approach, EMMA first has consolidated the surveillance and conflict alert functions, and EMMA2 will focus now on advanced onboard guidance support to pilots and planning support to controllers.

The main objectives of EMMA2 are the consolidation of higher A-SMGCS functions in the operational environment. Build upon the harmonised level 1 & 2 ground movement assistance tools and procedures further functions will be realised and validated. The focus of EMMA2 will be

  • the routing and planning function realised by several planners (DMAN, etc.) and the adequate HMI,
  • the guidance function mainly realised by information displayed to the pilot thanks to CPDLC, and
  • the information management function realised by embedding A-SMGCS into the ATM smoothly.

Within EMMA2 these functions will be developed at least as prototypes, the adequate operational procedures will be worked out and as far as possible the modular system will be validated in an operational environment. Stepping ahead from current Level 1&2 A-SMGCS towards these higher levels, further constraints will be taken into account and further applications become possible to get the full A-SMGCS benefit.

For further reading, refer to the EMMA2 project homepage.