Madrid Barajas Airport is the First to Operate New Embedded Tracker from Terma

Terma’s First Embedded Tracker is now operational in Madrid Barajas Airport’s South Tower in a SCANTER 5502 Surface Movement Radar.

Aarhus, Denmark, 18 October, 2018 – Terma’s first Embedded Tracker (ET2) is now operational in Madrid Barajas Airport’s South Tower in a SCANTER 5502 Surface Movement Radar (SMR). Consequently, Terma is responsible for the surface processing and extraction in ASTERIX cat. 010 format and interface with the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) ATC system of the airport.

In 2019, the North Tower will be upgraded the same way.

Last year, AENA, the national Spanish airport management company, awarded Terma a contract for upgrade of the existing Terma radar system in collaboration with local partner SEAIRTECH.

Following the upgrade, Madrid Barajas Airport will benefit from the well-known SCANTER radar surveillance, processing, and extraction as the primary non-corporative surveillance sensor integrated into the airport’s A-SMGCS. Among the benefits of Terma’s tracker are the ability to process the recorded radar video without any loss in the video quality, improved dynamics in the detection, and no external hardware needed.

“The updated contract also reflects the long-term relationship between AENA and Terma. At Terma, we are proud and honored when a valued customer prolongs a relationship or, as is the case here, becomes the first mover on new technology,” says Jesper Fammé, Manager, Security Sales, Terma.
The purpose of the Surface Movement Radar is to maximize safety in airports by allowing Air Traffic Controllers to monitor, advise, and instruct aircraft, vehicles, personnel, etc. moving on the ground in an airport. A radar is very suitable for this purpose as it covers a large area and operates independently of light conditions (day/night), visibility conditions, e.g. fog, and possible precipitation e.g. rain and snow.

Besides Madrid Barajas, Terma Surface Movement Radars are in operation in other Spanish airports including Tenerife Norte, Santiago de Compostella, and soon to be in Bilbao.

A total of plus 130 international airports around the globe are equipped with Terma SMR radars.

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