Searidge Remote Surface Management System Operational at Dubai International

Partnership delivers innovative solutions to improve safety and efficiency.

November 4, 2014 – ACI Airport Exchange, Stand C1. Searidge Technologies, provider of surface management solutions to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports, announced that the Searidge solutions for Remote Situational Awareness and Zone Occupancy are in operation at Dubai International (DXB).

“As we look to maintain our high service levels and further enhance the airport experience, it is extremely important that we ensure our technology partners share in our dedication and goals,” explains Chris Garton, Executive Vice President, Operations at Dubai Airports.  “The flexibility Searidge has shown and their efforts in bringing advanced technology into operation will help Dubai as we strive to become the busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic.”

The scope of this project has increased since its original announcement in 2012 to include 3 additional monitored areas, extensive integration with existing airport systems and additional automation capabilities. The coverage area now consists of four critical intersections that cross two parallel taxiways and connect to adjacent service roads. Searidge has also integrated its ATC-grade and Intelligent Video platforms with other airport data sources to provide Operators with a comprehensive view of the airport surface that includes information such as push back clearance, traffic light status, visibility category and call signs.  The system also shows zone occupancy (red/green) of monitored areas, can predict the crossings aircraft will intersect, mark distance to crossings and can automatically switch to thermal camera coverage when visibility drops below a defined value.  All this information is presented on the Searidge heads-up display to allow Operators to make informed, efficient decisions while managing the surface.

“As a company that places a lot of emphasis on innovation, working with the most advanced airports in the world, like Dubai International allows us to apply our innovation to solve complex airport challenges,” says Moodie Cheikh, Chief Executive Officer, Searidge Technologies. “Our three-plus year partnership with Dubai Airports has allowed us to showcase our extensive engineering capabilities, flexibility and dedication as we work together to optimize the management of their airport surface.”

About Searidge Technologies
Searidge Technologies is a leading technology innovator providing collaborative surface management services and solutions to airports and Air Navigation Service providers (ANSPs) worldwide. Our unique blend of experience in airport operations and Air Traffic Control (ATC) allows us to develop and integrate modern technology solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of airport surface operations.

Leveraging our deep understanding of the market, extensive integration experience, and market-leading intelligent video platforms uniquely positions us to solve our customers’ most pressing surface management challenges such as: remote services, apron management, traffic lighting control, and runway monitoring. Our solutions have been adopted by some of the most technology-advanced airports and ANSPs throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Dubai Airports
Dubai Airports owns and manages the operation of Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central (DWC).

DXB has grown at an average growth rate of 15.5 per cent since it was opened in 1960. With traffic reaching a historic 66.4 million in 2013, DXB is among the world’s top two busiest airports for international passengers.

Connected to over 260 destinations across six continents through more than 140 airlines, DXB has a capacity of 75 million passengers. Work is in progress on a number of major projects at DXB as part of the US$7.8 billion strategic plan 2020 which envisages expanding the airport’s capacity to 100 million by 2020. These projects include the building of a new concourse – Concourse D, the expansion of Terminal 2 to twice its current capacity, complete refurbishment of Terminal 1, and additional aircraft stands, taxiways and aprons among others.

Dubai Airports delivers a world-class experience for customers by providing safe, secure and environmentally responsible airports. Dubai Airports works in partnership with airlines, passengers and employees to drive the growth of Dubai as the world’s emerging centre for leisure and business.

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